Pine Resin Project...

Pine Resin Colorado

Remember playing in pine trees as a kid and getting sticky sap all over your hands?

Did you know that sap (also called "resin") has many uses besides making Pine-Sol smell good?  (Although I wouldn't recommend using Pine-Sol to clean your house due to the toxic chemical content...there are some GREAT all-natural alternatives we will talk about in future posts!)

As one example, I infused the resin in a combination of oils to create a skin salve to help address dry, itchy skin. A little goes a long way.

Multiple uses...

Not only can a salve made from pine resin address skin issues, it retains the aromatic benefits of the pine as well.

According to Stillpoint Aromatics, Piñon Pine resin has a sweet and warm scent that brings "peace and balance."

This is just one example of how the essences of plants on the earth contain multiple therapeutic benefits for us.

I always enjoy traveling around and enjoying the aromas unique to different areas of the country. Whether it is the balsamic Juniper of the Utah Canyonlands, the woodsy Pine of the Colorado Rockies, or the Neroli of the blossoming orange groves of the Phoenix valley, each is unique and beneficial in its own way.

Importance of Variety...

In fact, this serves as a good reminder not to use the same scents or essential oils all the time. If we use the same essential oil too frequently, our bodies can become over-sensitized to it from overuse...In a worst case scenario, this can create a bona fide sensitivity to the oil, in which you develop a whole-body allergy to it!

If you have a favorite, that's great! Just try switching things up every few months. For example, if you have used lots of Lavender-based products (body wash, lip balm, etc) for a while, your body may be getting used to the oil.  Try using some other oils for a few months...

Your body will enjoy the variety, and you will likely experience Lavender in a fresh, new way when you return to it!

Is the Pine Resin a product you would be interested in trying? I only made a small batch for myself, but if there is enough interest, I can of course make more!


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