Why is Calendula-Infused Oil Becoming So Popular?

Calendula Flower

What’s all the buzz about Calendula?

We love harvesting the power of flowers, herbs, and plants to enjoy a better quality of life.

Many times, people find that using natural, plant-based products is not just a “more natural” alternative to over-the-counter products that contain toxic chemicals…

What they find is that natural products are a brand new way to address different issues and come with a host of other benefits as well!

One example is the essence of the calendula flower…

The Power of Calendula...

The essence of the calendula flower (Calendula officinalis) provides powerful care for skin issues: dry skin, inflammation, rashes, cuts, bruises, burns, diaper rash, and many more...

When extracted and infused into oils, serums, and lotions, we can harvest these powerful properties for our own use.

How it started...

Calendula-infused oil was one of Carol’s first products she created in 2014. During her Aromatherapy Certification course series, she was inspired to practice infusions.

She learned about the power of the calendula flower, and quickly dove in.

Using home-grown Calendula flowers from her own garden—which are NEVER sprayed—she double infuses a potent oil that provides outstanding care for all of the skin issues listed above.

She also uses a lower temperature infusion over a longer period of time. This helps draw out more of the flower essence without breaking down any molecules due to high temperature.

How to use it...

Use it to care for dry, cracked winter skin, chapped lips, rashes, irritations, cuts, scrapes, and burns.

It can also be used as a face serum to keep skin looking vibrant, as a massage oil, or a carrier oil to add your own essential oil blend!

Check out our Calendula-Infused oil here!

Carol’s Calendula-infused oil quickly became one of her most popular items. It has been found on the shelves of numerous stores to include Pompeii Street Soap Company in Mifflinburg, PA.

Here is some feedback we have received:

“I LOVE this oil! Beautiful and magical! Thanks, Carol!” -Kathy M. (Mar 2015)

“AMAZING! I love this Calendula infused oil. It is amazing. I have been using it for my chapped lips and I love it. I also use it on my face.” -Jaz (Oct 2014)

Fun fact: It almost never happened!


Before learning of the power of Calendulas, Carol had actually been annoyed by her crop in the back garden and was about to uproot it.

Now, she says, “we made up :-)”

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