All Natural Body Powder Talc Free

All-Natural (Talc Free) Body Powder

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Enjoy this 100% natural, blissfully scented body powder with no fear of danger from unhealthy ingredients!

Use after showering or bathing, before hiking or other strenuous activities, or any time to freshen up!

  • 100% natural
  • Naturally deodorizing
  • Free from talc, synthetics, corn starch, and other harmful ingredients
  • Contains organic Arrowroot and essential oils
  • Beautifully scented for women AND men!

This product has been a major passion project of Carol's...Body powders are a convenient way to deodorize, deal with moisture, and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils.  Unfortunately, many body powders on the market today contain cheap, harmful ingredients such as talc, synthetics, and corn starch. Our premium All Natural Body Powder contains only pure, natural, healthy ingredients. Use daily to deodorize and deal with moisture, and any time to freshen up!  Men love our body powder too!

Available in:

  • Refresh Mint - uplifting and cooling
  • Mountain Rose - soothing and relaxing - the epitome of luxury!  Formulated with pure Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil.
  • Lavender Vanilla - grounding, calming, and warm
  • Boulder Guy - inspired by rich scents of the Rocky Mountains, this is a musky, masculine blend with hints of Vetiver and Pine
  • Patchouli - earthy scent that may promote sleep for the hippy in us all.
  • Chamomile - pleasant, calming floral scent, a nice choice for babies, may promote restful sleep
  • Unscented - perfect for those looking for the benefits of powder without any fragrance.


See what others are saying!

"I’m in love with the Talc-Free Body Power. It’s my daily essential!! My favorite scent is Lavender Vanilla. The Lavender scent helps me sleep better too!! I use the powder at night and swear it’s just the right amount of Lavender to help me sleep!!!”  -Sarah S.

"I love this powder!"  -Sally H.

"Boulder Guy Powder is talc free and I use it daily with great confidence."  -Rocco S.

"I stopped using commercial powders years ago because of the harmful ingredients. Then I discovered Sunset Essentials All-Natural Body Powder. I am thrilled that I am now able to safely use powders every day. I have enjoyed all of the fragrances. My new favorite is the Patchouli!" - Liz F.