Calendula Oil

Calendula Infused Oil

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Quantities are limited until the 2019 harvest.
I grow and use only my unsprayed, wildcrafted Calendula flowers. They are hand-picked from my garden and then dried and double infused.
The infused oil is produced by soaking plant material in oil over a long period of time to extract the many beneficial properties of the plant.
The result is a beautiful handcrafted infused oil with powerful skin-healing properties.
Skin issues to address with Calendula-Infused Oil include chapped skin, cracked skin, cuts, burns, rashes, bruises, inflammation, diaper rash, fade old scars and varicose veins.
Calendula-Infused Oil can be used as is, as well as in creams, ointments or as a carrier oil for essential oils.
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"I LOVE this oil! Beautiful and magical! Thanks, Carol!"  -Kathy M.
"AMAZING! I love this Calendula Infused Oil. I have been using it for my chapped lips and I love it. I also use it on my face."  -Jaz