Frequently Asked Questions

• Do you have a store I can visit?

   While we do not have a single storefront, most clients who we consult with for individual needs come to Carol's home and gardens for their consultations!  Our products can also be found in various boutique shops in central Pennsylvania: Pompeii Street Soap Company (Mifflinburg, PA), Natural Food and Garden (Lewisburg, PA), and Threading Love (Lewisburg, PA).

• Are you a representative for a MLM company like doTerra or Young Living?

   No. Sunset Essentials is in no way associated with any multi-level marketing (MLM) company to include doTerra or Young Living. We will not attempt to recruit you to be part of an MLM company. Additionally, we do not use essential oils from doTerra or Young Living.

   We use only essential oils that are meticulously sourced, GC/MS analyzed for purity, and organic. These often come from small, independent distilleries.

   We take great pride in crafting our products from only the purest ingredients, and exist only to help you on your journey to enjoying aromatherapy maximally and safely.

• What is your Shipping Policy?

  We ship to you as inexpensively and quickly as possible. To do this, we have painstakingly calculated the weights of all of our products and packaging combinations down to the ounce. This ensures you get the cheapest shipping rate possible based on your location.

   You can also get FREE SHIPPING by

1) Picking up your products locally, Fridays 9am-12pm, or by appointment

2) Placing an order of $49 or more

• If I have questions, can I speak with someone who will help me?

    Yes!  The best way to reach us is via e-mail:  You are more than welcomed to call us at 570-412-4578 as well.  If you reach a voicemail, we will return your call within 24 hours!  (Carol is often occupied with clients and creating products)

• Do you make custom products to order?

   Yes, absolutely! This may be one of Carol's favorite things to do! Contact us to set up a consultation, which can be conducted in person at our beautiful Pennsylvania location, or over the phone!

• How secure is your website?

   Our website is EXTREMELY secure. When you submit your information via our website, your information is protected both on-line and off-line. Our checkout process takes place in a secure environment using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, which encrypts the data you submit to us at Sunset Essentials. SSL technology is an industry standard and among the best software available today for secure commerce transactions. All sensitive information you enter during the checkout process (including credit card number, name and address) is encrypted under this protocol while traveling the Internet. We do not share or sell any information you submit to Sunset Essentials, LLC. Be assured that your information is safe and secure.

• I live outside the United States. Do you ship products internationally?

   We will soon! Right now we only sell and ship domestically, but to get notified immediately when our products become available to you internationally, make sure you join our mailing list!

• Are your products pure, all-natural, and free of pesticides and chemicals?

   Yes, yes, and yes. We take the purity of our products very seriously and operate on a No Compromise policy.  In fact, many of our products are made using flowers and herbs grown in Carol's own garden, under her watchful eye.

• Is it safe to use essential oils plain (undiluted)?

   ABSOLUTELY NOT. Essential oils are extremely concentrated and can cause serious harm if not properly diluted. People have also become hyper-sensitive to certain oils because they used them undiluted. Imagine never being able to use your favorite oil again, even in diluted form! EOs must always be adequately diluted in a carrier (oil, lotion, butters, salves, etc). This makes them perfectly safe and optimizes the delivery of their therapeutic properties. There are many resources in the field of aromatherapy stating that some oils are safe to use undiluted--this is NOT TRUE. For your own safety, NEVER USE AN ESSENTIAL OIL UNDILUTED. The essential oils in all of our products have been properly diluted and are 100% safe for you to use, benefit from, and enjoy!